extruded aluminum machining

Extruded Aluminum Machining

Extruded Aluminum Machining

Extruded Aluminum Machining can now be machined automatically.

Our expertise is in extrusion systems for the Extruded Aluminum Machining industry. Our success comes from our varied product line and our willingness to respond to the developing and changing demands of the industries we service. Many of the components we create for our customers are milled and cut using long lineal aluminum extrusions. Our experts designed an Automator to eliminate the need for various equipment and procedures while also reducing the number of times a production worker handles a product.
The machining capabilities of this specialized equipment are exceptional.

What is an Automator?

Ma5 Fabrication has created specialized equipment that can apply various long Extruded Aluminum Machining automatically. In one continuous auto-advance motion, Ma5 Fabrication processes lineal aluminum extrusions. Up to five distinct operations (each with its own set of equipment) as well as sawing capabilities can be included in these automated procedures.

What are the ideal jobs for this equipment?

Components that aren't hollow but have a lot of volume. The sizes of the shapes range from 14 inches to 20 feet in length and up to 10 inches in width. Before shipment, numerous operations are performed, including cut to length, drill, punch, tap, and simple assembly.

What value does the Automator bring?

By autonomously moving lineal extrusions through numerous manufacturing processes, the system lowers the need for multiple machines to accomplish different procedures. Its incorporated automation technology increases consistency while reducing the number of times personnel must handle components. The entire volume of production often outnumbers that of a traditional CNC.

What type of tooling is required?

The tooling for this equipment takes longer to design and create due to its complexity. Fixtures are created to order and are dependent on the design of the profile. Because this equipment performs so many tasks, it usually demands a number of custom tools. This can raise tooling prices when compared to tooling for typical CNC machining processes. However, the benefits of the process and the speed of these machines quickly offset the additional tooling expenses.

What else do customers need to know about our Automators?

Ma5 Fabrication created this machine to speed up the process of Extruded Aluminum Machining. Automator's can supply manufacturing services that are otherwise difficult to come by. It's only one example of our commitment to fresh concepts. We believe that just because something has never been done before does not rule out the possibility of doing it. We enjoy a good challenge.

Extruded Aluminum Machining

Extruding the Aluminum Profile

After the final profile design has been approved and the die has been fabricated, the billet and extrusion tools are warmed to prepare them for the aluminum extrusion process. After being placed in the cradle, the billet is crushed against the die, shortening and spreading it until it comes entirely in contact with the container walls.

Extruded Aluminum Machining

Stretching, Cutting & Aging

A "stretcher" is used to straighten the extrusion and fix any twist that may have happened after it has been quenched (cooled). The stretcher is also used to perform cold work on the extrusion. The profile is then transported to a saw, where it is cut to predefined lengths using conveyors. Short lengths, miter cuts, and tight tolerances are produced via a secondary cutting method. Depending on the aluminum alloy used, age-hardening may be necessary to provide optimal strength, hardness, and elasticity.

Quenching (Cooling) the Profile

After the fully formed profile is extruded, it is cooled using a state-of-the-art Preveza HECS high velocity, multi-sided air and water quench system that produces over 600 gallons per minute of water at over 130 lbs. per square inch, depending on the alloy. Extrusion profile characteristics, mechanical properties, and tolerances are preserved with faster cooling, guaranteeing that any extrusion shape cools evenly and without distortion.

Extruded Aluminum Machining

Fabrication, CNC Machining and Component Packaging

After proper ageing, the aluminum profiles may be moved to other departments of our plant for further fabrication and machining, or they may be packed and ready for delivery. When profiles are boxed, they are protected from surface damage, twisting, and other shipping, handling, and storage hazards. Customers can specify their own packaging requirements, or the type of extruded product may suggest a particular packaging solution for storage or shipment.

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