Fiber Laser Services

Fiber Laser Services

High-End Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Equipment

Fiber Laser Services

Laser cutting offers quick “to production” times, practically infinite cutting possibilities, and the ability to cut quickly and accurately through a variety of materials and thicknesses with no tool changes or set-ups. With the purchase of a brand-new, cutting-edge Bodor Fiber Laser Services, we are increasing capacity while reducing production time. The P-Series can handle all cutting requirements because to its automatic nozzle-changing and one-click processing features.
All-purpose metal cutting device with a fiber laser. When cutting fibers with a laser, banks of diodes generate light, which a fiber optic connection subsequently directs and amplifies. A lens then focuses the light onto the material to be cut after it has been amplified, straightened, and collimated. When it comes to producing this light, fiber lasers outperform CO2 lasers by a wide margin. In addition to being more electrically efficient and enabling greater speeds, fiber lasers also require less maintenance.

Ma5 can assist you with one of the fastest lasers in the industry. We can cut your metal into pieces very swiftly and correctly. Ma5 is one of the few metal part manufacturers in Ma5 with on-site fiber laser cutting and laser marking capabilities, therefore it is capable of producing both smaller, more intricate components as well as larger items up to 26 feet long.

We provide fiber laser marking and cutting as quick, economical steps in our secondary manufacturing processes in addition to being offered independently. Our team members have years of experience processing metals including copper, brass, and stainless steel and have undergone specific training in fiber laser technology. Additional services include the creation of in-house tools, gauges, and fixtures, as well as reverse engineering, engineering, and design.
BodorThinker Software

BodorThinker is a cutting-edge intelligent control system for a CNC laser cutter that offers high performance, multiple functionality, safe production, and consistent stability. With BodorThinker, your laser cutting solutions can be customizable, automated, information-based, and flexible.

Welded Bed with Mortise-and-tenon Joint

Each cutting machine bed frame is welded after the mortise-and-tenon junction to produce ideal mechanical qualities, increased stability, and a harder construction.

Stretching Aluminum Crossbeam

Weight is reduced by 20%, stiffness is increased by 60%, and laser cutting speed is increased by 50% with lightweight construction and a technology of ultra-high pressure stretching.

12kW+ Cutting Process Package

The innovative fiber laser nozzle and cutting method enable faster carbon steel oxygen cutting, more gas-efficient low-pressure stainless steel nitrogen cutting, and better carbon steel air cutting.

Automatic Nozzle Changer

In 35 seconds or less, the fiber laser nozzle may be replaced, saving 50% of labor costs and time.

Active Anti-collision Function

Fiber laser heads, which can detect protruding objects, can dramatically reduce the damage rate and maintenance expenses of a laser cutter.

Constant Cutting Gas Pressure

The completely closed-loop control adjusts in response to feedback to ensure that the real motion position matches the theoretical input value.

Space Eye

1. Edge seek in three seconds; 2. Simple and straightforward principle focus recognition without user intervention, setting automatic cutting, recognition, and compensation with a single click.

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